High Five to Our Skilled Volunteers!


Operation Warm’s skilled volunteers are an important part of our mission. They contribute to coat design, data entry and analysis, logistics, marketing projects and more.

These students and professionals offer the expertise and experience we need and help ensure we can deliver on our mission, so as many children as possible can know the warmth, confidence and hope that brand new coats provide.

Our skilled volunteers come from all over the country and work virtually on important projects.

We would like to take the time to thank each and every one of our skilled volunteers. We couldn’t do it without you!

Thank you to our friends at:


  • Laura Trivelli
  • Christopher Snively
  • Kara Martin
  • Rita Ricci
  • Catherine Plante
  • Ana Paranos
  • Michelle Jackson
  • Jessica Garay
  • Nanette Molina



  • Rachel Kesselman
  • Keerthichandra Nagareddy
  • Emily Bowlan
  • Durrell Parham


UC Berkeley Students

  • Shuhang Xu
  • Wen-Hao Chiou
  • Shaobo Hu
  • Renlian Chen
  • Yushi Zhou


Events DC

  • Ahmed Abdelrahman
  • Julia DeBrosse
  • William Hays
  • Charlotte Lewis
  • Ryan Nunn
  • Valeria Perdomo
  • Tijuan Rhue
  • Paige Sanders
  • Gary Snyder
  • LaDarius Watkins
  • Karima Winter


Individual Volunteers

  • Poli Struk
  • Chanel Harris
  • Beth Levin
  • Chloe Levin
  • Tina Chen
  • Anya Anand
  • Kathy Hilbert
  • Angelo Sica
  • Shakira Fender
  • Sravani Arji
  • Mauli Desai
  • Sharda Desai
  • Caroline Wanyonyi
  • Eswari Adari
  • Priyanka Krovi
  • Deepika Nallapu

Interested in joining our team of skilled volunteers? Send us an email. 

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