‘Give Locally’ Made Easy by Operation Warm


By Lauren Holloway, Public Relations/Media Coordinator at Operation Warm

There are more than 15 million children – nearly 1 in 5 kids – living in poverty in the United States, many lacking basic necessities including water, food, shelter and clothing. Do you know how many children in your very own neighborhood fall under this category?

Since 1998, Operation Warm’s mission has been to improve the lives of less fortunate children by providing them with a winter coat. In order to do so, the organization has worked with large corporations, community programs and individual donors to provide ‘more than a coat’ to kids in need.

Over the years, Operation Warm has achieved an outpouring of love and support from individual donors. Donations made by individual donor’s aid in the sponsorship of existing programs where help is needed.

Operation Warm understands the desire of individual donors to give locally and has worked to make the donations of individuals more special through the Give Locally feature on its website.

How It Works

Operation Warm’s newest platform feature, Give Locally, allows individual donors to give directly to their communities’ Operation Warm Coat Program by using a handcrafted, interactive map to identify existing programs and areas of need in their community.

In order to find a local program, donors are able to search by zip code or zoom in on the interactive map to find children that need your support.

Step 1

Visit https://www.operationwarm.org/get-involved/give/give-locally/.

Step 2

Scroll down to the interactive map in your web browser. Click on the black search box in the upper left hand corner of the map and type in a zip code you would like to donate to, then click search.

For example: If you would like to help children in need in Wilmington, DE, type in zip code 19803 and click search.

Step 3

If there are pre-existing programs in your desired search area, there will be orange pins marking these programs. Click on the pins to learn the name of the school, location, campaign goals and how to donate.

If there are no pre-existing programs in your desired search area and you would like to create a program, visit our homepage and click ‘Get Involved’ in the top tool bar to learn more.

Why It Matters

For a child, a brand new winter coat can be ‘more than a coat— it can change a child’s life and empower them with greater self-confidence, peer acceptance, increased school attendance and overall wellness.

Donating ‘more than a coat’ to a child in need in your community has the potential to impact your community immensely.

For example, if a child in your community lacks the necessity of a winter coat, the chances of that child missing school automatically increase. If the child is missing school as a toddler or pre-teen, it is likely this habit will follow into teenage years, which could ultimately decrease graduation rates, college acceptance and completion and ultimately, a career in the future.

Give a child in your neighborhood a coat, impact your community for the better. Are you willing to make a difference?

Learn more about giving locally by visiting https://www.operationwarm.org/get-involved/give/give-locally/.

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