Get to Know Tina Chen Robbins: A Skilled Volunteer with Operation Warm


Operation Warm could not fulfill our mission without a network of dedicated supporters. Donors, partners and volunteers make it possible to give a gift of warmth, confidence and hope to hundreds of thousands of children each year. One of this mission’s biggest champions is Tina Chen Robbins, a long-time volunteer who has dedicated an enormous amount of her time and talents. Skilled volunteers like Tina help us work smarter and more efficiently. A full 95 cents of every dollar donated to Operation Warm goes directly to our programs, and Tina’s contributions as a skilled volunteer have been a big part of Operation Warm’s industry-leading financial stewardship.

We talked to Tina about her skilled volunteer experience with Operation Warm.

Hi Tina, thanks for chatting. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself so everyone can get to know you?

I graduated with an Economics degree from The Wharton School in 1993 ( yes, a long time ago). When I graduated, I went to work for Price Waterhouse, where I was a management consultant specializing in corporate restructure, mergers and acquisitions and business process reengineering. After spending thee-and-a-half years there, I went to work for First USA Bank which was later bought by Bank One and then merged with JP Morgan Chase. I worked for JP Morgan Chase for 22-1/2 years before retiring in 2017. I am married with two wonderful kids, Jack and Lindsey.

You have dedicated more than 800 hours to supporting Operation Warm. Why? How do you stay motivated?

I was very ill several years ago, but I was one of the lucky ones and I am healthy now. Once I got better, I wanted to make a change and didn’t want to go back to corporate America. I want to give back and give thanks for the many blessings in my life. Operation Warm has a wonderful mission. Who wouldn’t want to help kids who are in need? As a mother of two, it’s hard to imagine innocent kids who are struggling in the winter because they do not have warm clothing. If I can do something about it and my efforts help just one child, it’s worth it.

Please describe a typical day for yourself.

Life is GOOD. Most days I go to the gym in the mornings and then I am either at Operation Warm or at another non-profit where I volunteer. I finish up at 3:15 because even though my kids are older and can easily walk home by themselves, I still like to pick them up from the bus stop.

What skills and qualifications do you have that help you in this position?

I have 25 years of marketing experience. I am also very analytical and have a lot of intellectual curiosity.

What have you accomplished in your volunteer role?

I have done a wide variety of projects. They include: research on manufacturing coats using robotics, developing a media kit, an analysis of our business, identifying new opportunities for business development, conducting thorough research to make sure what we say is always truthful and accurate, helping to draft information about what we do.

What do you enjoy most about volunteering with Operation Warm?

Aside from the obvious of being able to help kids who are in need, what I enjoy most about volunteering with Operation Warm is working with and getting to know the people who work here. It’s a group of very compassionate, dedicated, nice individuals.

What, in your opinion, makes a good skilled volunteer?

Someone who believes in the mission and is willing to roll up their sleeves and pitch in doing whatever is needed.

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