Gearing up for Back to School


Before the first leaf falls, children all over the nation are gearing up, literally for back to school. Operation Warm has been gearing up as well. Since the beginning of the year, we have been hard at work putting everything in place so we can serve as many children as possible with the warm brand new winter coats that they will need this year. From raising funds to sewing the coats, it is all hands on deck. We plan on giving away hundreds of thousands of coats to American children in need this season.

Free School Supplies

Did you know that the average family spends $600 to get their kids ready for getting back to school? This includes clothes and back to school supplies. Often, additional items are needed throughout the year. Of course, for families living in poverty, this is an impossible number. Fortunately, community, civil and faith-based organizations, charities and even retail stores often step up to help with school supplies. Drives for backpacks, notebook, crayons and pencils can often be found this time of year. And, while this is a very good thing for families in need: “Free school supplies” is one of the most popular searches in late August through early September, there is one big essential that gets missed: coats for kids.

back to school supplies

Something is Missing

With back to school temperatures still calling for shorts in most parts of the country, warm winter coats and jackets may be the last thing on anyone’s mind, but at this time of year, the weather can turn fast. A few weeks later, and many children can be seen shivering at the bus stop. A few weeks after that, any many kids have to miss outdoor recess or they skip school altogether, all because they don’t have adequate protection from the cold.

The Operation Warm Legacy

This is why we do what we do. This is our legacy. Our founder and CEO, Dick Sanford saw the need and reached out to the community to fill it. It is a great mission, and a great privilege to have the opportunity to make such a big difference in the lives of children—helping them keep warm, stay in school to get educated, and giving kids the opportunity to get the healthy exercise their growing bodies need.

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