Why Your Friends are Giving Kids Their Independence


Independence. We as Americans are known for our patriotism – for our unwillingness to simply lay down in the face of adversity and oppression. We are a people who have come together through tragedy and strife; it is this spirit that founded our country and this spirit that has carried us through for generations.

One of the biggest threats toward our independence can often be a silent one. It attacks the defenseless and the innocent, and must be attacked with the full force of our resources.

This threat is childhood poverty.

The Operation Warm community has been rallying the troops this season to  help fight childhood poverty; we need to end this war once and for all. With $50,000 being currently loaded into the artillery, we seek to wipe out childhood poverty alongside it’s ally: American unemployment. With your contribution to our cause, and the help of our American factories, we can band together to produce more warm brand new winter coats for kids in need.

These coats will not only keep kids warm, but build their sense of independence and pride in themselves while attending school. They will be able to play outside, facing their peers with a new sense of confidence this winter – all the while supporting the hundreds of stable American jobs that work tirelessly to produce these coats.

Your friends and family are already helping us lay the ground work for successful production and outreach over the winter months; a time when American children living in poverty need our support the most.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Here is what some of our charitable donors have to say:

“I donated because I don’t want kids to be cold in the winter. I like the fact that the coats are 100% American. – Marvin B.

“I know Operation Warm is a reputable organization that Rotary recognizes. Their coats are well made in many sizes, colors and styles. Poor kids don’t have to be noticed by coats that are the same!” – Jill L.

“I’m a grandmother who wants all children to be warm this winter.” – Lucille J.

“A child that needs a winter coat should not be without one. I think we should do more to support American children versus always helping other countries…” –Regina D

These are just a few of the reasons members of your community have given for supporting Operation Warm. More support is being added every day. You can read them all when you visit the Coats for Kids 4th of July Fundraiser event.

While you are visiting, we ask: Will you join the fight in helping us reach our goal of $50,000 to support American children and jobs?

Every act of kindness is a step toward creating a better world for our children and our country.

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