Fall Fundraising Ideas


Fall is the perfect time to raise donations for your cause. Autumn has a unique way of bringing people together for fun activities. This season is one where we celebrate abundance and share fellowship. Here are several fall fundraising ideas that can get help you earn money for your organization.

Join a Fall Festival

One of the easiest fall fundraising ideas is to rent a booth or space at an existing community fall festival. The organizers of the event may wave the normal rental fee for organizations that want to raise money and awareness of a good local community cause.

Make sure that your spot features a fun activity or snacks to attract the crowd. Face painting for children is an inexpensive and popular fall festival attraction. This is a perfect volunteer opportunity for one or two creative teens.

Fall Fundraising Ideas with Pumpkins

A local farm may sponsor or partner with you to provide pumpkins for a children’s pumpkin patch. Donations can be made in the form of an entrance fee or per pumpkin “picked.”

Along with the pumpkin patch, consider adding on additional fall fundraising ideas at the same event. A pumpkin carving contest can be fun. Have participants pay an entrance fee and bring their own pumpkins. Then display the winners.

Pumpkin chunking has got to be one of the more fun fall fundraising ideas for both kids and adults. Families bring their leftover Halloween pumpkins in November for the opportunity to toss, drop, catapult or otherwise smash them to bits. Set up separate stations for children and adults. Ask for donations at the door, and sell additional pumpkins to those who didn’t bring their own.

Fall Fundraising Ideas with Food

Nothing brings people together like good food. You can put together a quick and easy fundraiser with a pancake breakfast. Pumpkin pancakes and pumpkin-spice coffee can make your fundraiser stand out.

To step it up a notch, consider having a chili cook off. Ask local chefs or firefighters to be the judges. Alternatively, ask for sponsorship and put the sponsors on the judge’s panel. You can charge an entrance fee for participants and tickets to those who just want to sample the food.

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