Eight-Year-Old Boy Gets His First Birthday Present


Imagine being a child and waiting until you are eight-years-old before getting your first birthday present. For most of us, it is hard to imagine, but that is just what happened, in a city in Ohio during the first week of October.

A Special Visit

The air was turning crisp, and the children at Xavion’s school were excited by the visitors who would be coming this day. Their teachers told them that volunteers would be helping them to pick out new coats during an Operation Warm coat celebration. Xavion was extra excited, because it was also his birthday.

A volunteer welcomes Xavion and helped him pick out the perfect brand new coat. It was warm, soft and his favorite color: red.

As the volunteer led him to a table where he could get his name written inside his coat, Xavion pulled lightly on the volunteer’s sleeve. He spoke softly, and the volunteer had to bend down to hear.  Xavion whispered, “Thank you for giving me my first birthday present.”

Parents Making Tough Decisions

Xavion attends a school where 100 percent of the children live in need. Parents in lower-income households have to make some tough decisions when paying for basic necessities, and sometimes the “extras,” such as birthday presents, aren’t practical or possible.

“The need of those we serve is severe,” said a representative of a local organization that assists families in need. “Parents throughout our neighborhood have to decide if they should buy groceries or warm coats. No one should have to do this.”

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