Christmas in July Shopping Saves Time and Money


Want to save time and money this winter? Start your holiday shopping early this year by taking advantage of Christmas in July! Instead of spending all your free time this holiday season in department stores, enjoy time with your friends and family by getting your shopping done early.  Shopping for the holidays in July can reduce the amount of pressure you feel during the season to get the perfect gift. Early gift buying gives you more time with your family. You’ll also have more funds for your year-end charity giving.

Save Money on Gifts

Many big retailers offer Christmas in July sales that save you more money. According to Forbes, the prices of items are much cheaper in the summer. “Value-wise, prices tend to be much lower although the items are mostly of the same quality. By starting your shopping in the summer, you can spread out the costs of gifts, saving you the agony of a big bill in January. Seasonal markups can also make or break your budget. Retailers tend to drive up prices during the holiday season because stressed shoppers are less likely to resist paying up for that perfect gift. Waiting until the last minute can cause shoppers to settle for buying items, no matter the cost.”

Spend More Time at Home

Winter weather can be unpredictable in some parts of the country. Snow storms can keep shoppers home-bound and unable to get the gifts they waited to buy. Avoid traffic, accidents, and other stressed out shoppers by getting shopping done when the weather is warmer. Spend chilly winter days cozied up by the fire or building snowmen with your family instead.

Besides being a giving season, the holidays are also a time to enjoy being with loved ones. Save time for those who matter by purchasing your gifts early. Homemade gift making is a breeze when you have the free time to make them. With your shopping out of the way, you can spend more time decorating, baking and doing other fun holiday activities with your family.

Reduce Holiday Stress

Shopping around the holiday season can be extremely stressful. A study run by eBay on London shoppers found that heart rates increased by 33 percent while shopping during the holidays. A total of 60 percent of holiday shoppers felt fatigued after just 32 minutes, losing interest completely. When you shop in July, you avoid the crowds. This allows you to take your time when browsing for gifts.

Ordering holiday presents online cause also cause many shoppers to feel the pressure. Will your gift arrive in time? What if they send you the wrong product, will you be able to return it before the holidays? Ordering gifts in advance allows for shipping time and the satisfaction of knowing your product is everything you wanted.

Give More Than a Gift

Amazon is a great place to do some early Christmas shopping as they have sales all throughout the month of July. Amazon allows you to do all of your holiday shopping from the comfort of your home. It also allows you to have the gifts sent directly to your door. And the best part about Amazon? Amazon Smile!

Our whole office is caught up in earning money for Operation Warm though the Amazon Smile program. We’re discovering that doing our Christmas shopping now is actually a great idea.

When you’re ready to do your Christmas in July shopping online, use the link Through this link, you will donate to a charitable organization without having to spend any extra money as amazon donates a portion of the proceeds. Remember to choose Operation Warm as your charity so when you get your gifts, you will also be giving a gift of warmth to children in need. Signing up for the Amazon Smile Foundation can be done in a few simple steps;

  • Visit and use your amazon log in information. If you don’t have one, setting up an account is as easy as an email and a password.
  • Once you are logged in, Amazon will prompt to choose a charitable organization. Be sure to type Operation Warm into the search bar!
  • Shop! 0.5 percent of the purchase of eligible items will go towards your charity.
  • To ensure that you’re purchases are donating to a cause, bookmark in your browser.

By choosing Operation Warm as your Amazon Smile charity, you’re helping us give children the gift of more than a brand new coat this holiday season. You’re helping us give them the gift of hope, happiness and warmth.

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