Childhood Poverty: How to Give Hope


We believe that one of the worst things about childhood poverty is the slow acceptance that there is no way out of this lifestyle, that there is nothing they can do to change or break from the hopelessness, the lack of opportunities of being poor. Children in need get the message, every which way they turn, that they don’t have the skills or the value to be anything different.

Overcoming the Childhood Poverty Message

We believe that the first step out of the cycle of childhood poverty is showing a child that he is strong enough, that she is smart enough and that they are worth it. That is why we focus on giving brand new winter coats. It helps build self esteem and pride in ownership. The small spark of happiness and warmth spreads both within the spirt of the child and without through peer acceptance and hope; we have seen it happen first hand.

Breaking Out of the Legacy of Childhood Poverty

We believe that when you help a child break out of the legacy of poverty, you tackle one of the worst things about childhood poverty, the hopelessness that spreads throughout the community of people living in need. By helping to build up children in the US, you help build a family, a community and a nation.

Telling Kids, “You’re Worth it!”

When these children get the message that someone “outside” thinks they are “worth it,” they can carry with them the fortitude and the motivation to succeed, because they know they can; they know someone believes in them and is willing to lift them up. Surprisingly, many children understand the responsibility of this. They gain pride in themselves and get excited about proving what they can do and how far they can go. Compare this to the sense of hopelessness many children in poverty feel and the messages they may be getting from society on a daily basis.

Working Together to Help Children 

We believe that a community of friends can make a difference by working together, changing young lives and overcoming the embarrassing statistic of more than 15 million children in poverty in the US. Whether it is a single contribution to the cause or a local community managed coat program, children get the message that they are part of a larger village where they can grow up and make a difference of their own.

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