Checkout Charity: How Point of Sale Donations Are Trending for Corporations Who Want to Give Back

We’ve all been there. At the checkout of a favorite store, rushed to move on to our next to-do, when we’re asked by the cashier to support a chosen charitable…

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operation warm community coat program

What is an Operation Warm Community Coat Program?

An Operation Warm Community Coat Program is a unique and easy way to bring warm, happiness and joy to children and communities around the country. Our 200 partners, who are part…

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Operation Warm has become has become a signature project for Centerville Rotary Club every fall.

A Rotarian’s Take on Partnering with Operation Warm

By Ron Hollenbeck, President of the Rotary Club of Centerville, OH Back in 1998, Rotarian Dick Sanford brought a unique service project to our club. I was the Community Projects Director…

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Detroit housing

Detroit Children Feel Warmth Thanks to Grosse Pointe Rotary

Since Operation Warm began producing brand new coats we have been working closely with Rotary clubs across the nation. This past year, we teamed up with 81 clubs to bring warmth to…

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A teddy bear sits waiting to give flowers to a new friend.

Dolls for Daughters Brings Hope to Colorado Children

If one thing is true about Operation Warm and Dolls for Daughters, it’s that kids matter. For children in Denver, where the child poverty rate is at 25 percent, knowing…

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There are only a few Millennials taking advantage of Rotary Clubs.

A Millennial’s Experience as a Rotarian

by Brandon Smith, Partner Development Manager at Operation Warm I had never heard of Rotary International before I started working for Operation Warm in 2016. With all the knowledge in…

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