Yard sales are a fun and easy way to raise money.

34 Fun Fundraising Ideas

Looking for some enjoyable fundraising ideas? Donating money to a non-profit can do a lot for your community, but when you fundraise, you can really bring an entire community together for a…

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nice things to say

Free Infographic: Boost a Child’s Self Esteem

There is no better act of kindness or gift you can give than to lift up a child. The words you said today may just affect that child well into…

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All brand new Operation Warm coats come with a tag that reads

Three Things to Know About Brand New Coats

At Operation Warm, we believe that every child deserves a brand new winter coat that they can call their own. We work with manufacturers in the USA and across the world…

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50 Nice Things to Say to a Friend

What do you say to a friend to lift their spirits or let them know that you value their friendship? Compliments can go a long way to letting someone know…

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A person holding an American flag and a sparkler.

4th of July Celebration Ideas That Help Others

The 4th of July holiday is all about coming together. We celebrate this holiday by honoring our great country and all those who live in it. This Independence Day, take some…

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5 Reasons Why Firefighters Are Heroes

Firefighters have been saving the lives of Americans since 1678. Although their techniques have changed since then, firefighters are still saving thousands of lives each year. Operation Warm has been…

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