Bring Happiness and Warmth to Children in Need with a New Winter Coat


Dear Friends,

Teeth chattering, cheeks red, and nose running, the little girl in a worn, pink sweatshirt and a ladybug backpack bounded up the school stairs and nearly into the principal, greeting her students on a frosty November morning.

‘Sorry, Ms. Perdue!’ said Esmeralda. ‘I had to get inside and get warm!’

‘Why don’t you have a coat, dear?’ asked the principal, handing her a tissue.

‘I don’t have one. My mom said she might have the money to get one soon.’

3 girls in their new coats and firefighter hatsTeachers and social workers across the country hear truly sad stories again and again, from children for whom poverty is a fact of life. Like Esmeralda, whose mom does her best to make ends meet on a single income. If they can’t pay their rent this month, the family faces eviction from their home.

You can make a difference.

When you give a child a brand new coat, it’s one less worry for the family this winter. You give kids like Esmeralda a reason to get to school every day. You give her confidence, so she stands taller as soon as she puts it on!

When you give a child a warm coat, they in turn will warm your heart. Picture smiles everywhere, as they hug the coat close around them. Picture faces that light up with surprise, because they can’t believe it’s for keeps! Best of all, the coat is NEW. That’s a very big deal to them.

Esmeralda needs your help now, because even one year living in poverty puts her at risk. She is less likely to finish high school, go to college, and find a steady job. Success starts with getting to school, and that starts with proper clothing. And not a hand-me-down, but a bright, stylish, feel-good covering, with her own name written on the label.

Give a child in need a brand new, warm winter coat, and with it, the feeling of fitting in with their peers.

  • You can direct your gift to your local Operation Warm program run by your local firefighters or your workplace, or wherever coats are most needed.
  • Or, choose American Made coats, and help Americans get back to work and out of poverty.
  • Want to help more kids?  Become a Snow Angel and make your contribution monthly. $25 a month will provide fifteen new winter coats to children in need during the year.

Please help keep children happy and warm this year. Confidence radiates from a child who has something new and the right size. You can boost their pride, and free them to concentrate in class. You can make the cold winter bearable for families in need. Thank you!

Warm regards,

Richard D. Sanford
Richard D. Sanford
Founder and Chairman

P.S. – More children come to school today hungry, tired, and without a steady place to call home. You can motivate them to get to school and learn, even during the coldest months. Give a child more than a coat with your gift today.

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