Are You Introverted? Why You Might Be Great at Fundraising


If it is one thing we have learned from experience, is that anyone can successfully fundraise to bring the gift of warmth to children in need through brand new coats. Where there is a will, there is a way, to raise money for a cause you believe in. Those who are, just might have a bit of an edge. Here is why.

Introverted and Extroverted

Extroverts have a natural inclination to be outgoing and social. This seems like the perfect fit to champion a cause, but introverts also have a healthy measure of fundraising success. It is all about one’s motivation to help others and how they use their innate abilities to make a difference.

While an introvert’s talents and abilities may not be obvious because of their more subdued natures, it is these very same qualities that make them great leaders, especially when it comes to giving back.

Deep-Thinking and Self-Reliance

One great tendency of many people who are introverted is their ability to mull carefully before interacting. They also tend to find motivation within themselves rather than through others. This deep-thinking and self-reliance makes introverts ideal for thinking through what needs to be done and how to do it. Introverts usually get the job done, keeping the best interest of the mission at heart. One example is author J.K Rowling, whose seven Harry Potter novels were seamlessly planned and executed over the course of several years.

Since introverted people tend to make a real effort to understand any task before they begin, there is a greater chance that any plan will go smoothly. Plus they tend to think out of the box, coming up with creative fundraising ideas.

Once they take the time to learn what is needed, introverts can work independently to get the job done. Self-driven and self-contained, introverts can take a fundraising plan and run with it, making them extremely valuable to nonprofit charities.

Introverted Experts at Relationships and Public Speaking

Forming deep, meaningful relationships with a small group of people is another one of their specialties. Forming these bonds not only makes an introvert reliable in their continued support for a cause, but their real care and trust for others in their circle can motivate others to follow their lead. They lead by example.

Known as “the shy type,” these folks are often thought as lousy public speakers, but the opposite is most often true. They can actually be great when it comes to speaking before large groups. This is because they come prepared with a well-researched, well-prepared presentation. When they are passionate about a cause, this passion comes through naturally in their speech. Introverts are great at rallying people to support a cause.

Bottom line: The world needs all of us to care enough to make a difference. We can all use our strengths and skills to raise money for a favorite cause.

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