An Open Letter to Our Donors and Supporters


An open letter to our donors and supporters from our founder and CEO.

300,000 children received brand new coats last winter, thanks to your gifts. You’ve given children brand new winter coats, and with it, smiles and warmth for the winter.

Your impact on children and their families matters in big and small ways. For many children, this may be the FIRST brand new coat they have ever owned. Recently, we have been reading about so many natural disasters here in our country. Families have lost everything – their homes, clothing, and belongings. Many of these children are living within a disaster every day. Your gifts are a blessing to families in their time of need, who have one less thing to worry about.

Thanks to you, children in poverty are bundled up for their daily trek to school. They’re protected from the elements while walking or waiting for the bus. And not only that, you’ve boosted their confidence so they can fit in with their peers and concentrate in class. The toasty coats ensure they arrive eager to learn, grow, and make new friends.

By giving a child an Operation Warm coat, you keep them warm, but also help them feel included. Without the basic need of warm layers in winter, children can feel left out. With a coat in their favorite color and a fun style, they can blend in, rather than stand out.

The students who receive our coats wear them proudly, with no interest in taking them off. Some of them strut around the room, proudly showing them off. Others help their friends zip and unzip the new coats and put the hoods up. When you give a child a coat, they are so very appreciative. Their smiles are priceless. The excitement, pride, and gratitude that comes from the gift of a new coat, is all possible thanks to you.

Your donations send a message: Every child in need deserves to feel loved and valued. Every child should be able to get to school and play outside on the coldest of days. Every child deserves a brand-new, colorful coat that gives them hope and self-esteem. You’ve given children coats to keep them warm, and let them know there is love and concern for them.

Thank you for bringing joy and warmth to children through your gifts to Operation Warm. Your gifts mean so much to us, and to the children we serve. We thank you for your support, and truly hope you know your support helps young lives at risk. Thank you for having a warm heart and bringing safety, happiness, and peace of mind to so many families in need.


Dick Sanford, Founder and CEO, Operation Warm


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