5 Ways Volunteering Can Help Your Career


Thinking about supporting a good cause with volunteer work? Here is a great reason to make it a priority: volunteering can help your career.

Make Your Resume Stand Out

With less than 25 percent of Americans engaged in volunteering, your resume will offer something attractive and exceptional. Volunteering for a cause helps you impress employers, because it shows passion, drive, motivation and commitment, all qualities that are highly sought after by companies that are hiring. When you take the initiative to volunteer for a good cause, your resume will stand out from the rest of the job-seeking crowd.

Improve Your Skills

Volunteering can give a great opportunity to improve work-related skills. These include both soft skills and technical skills. Most volunteer positions will give you a chance to level up on time management and communication skills. Other opportunities include leadership skills, creative skills, nonverbal skills, problem solving and relationship building. These are all valuable transferrable skills that are highly sought by hiring managers.

Network with Influencers and Decision Makers

Volunteering can help your career by introducing you to a new community, giving you a chance to better understand its needs and the people and businesses that are influential. You’ll have the chance to meet new people, which may help you network for a better career, build your references and put you in the path of new opportunities.

Develop Positive Energy

Candidates Who are positive, upbeat and passionate are most attractive to employers. Studies show that volunteering makes you happy. The joy and confidence you get from volunteering will come through at your next job interview or performance review and may help your career.

Gain Work Experience

Trying to break into a new field or get past a job slump? You will need to show work experience. Your dedicated volunteer time counts. If you choose the right volunteer opportunity, you can gain experience in any number of areas, from event planning to social media marketing. If you are currently out of work, working for a cause fills in the gaps in your resume.

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