5 Steps to Writing a Great Community Service Project Press Release


One of the best ways to promote your community service project is by writing a press release. It is a cost-effective way to ensure the media and public know the great work you’re doing.

What Can a Great Fundraising Press Release Do for My Community Service Project?

A press release is an official statement that gives the best information to newspapers, magazines, television news programs and radio stations.

The more professional, newsworthy and well written a press release is, the more likely it will be to catch the attention of journalists and editors.

News outlets are always looking for positive stories that are community-oriented. A great press release about a local community service project has a good chance of being publicized.

Where do I start?

In the next section, we will share a detailed example of a great press release. First, let’s go over the basic elements that should be included. You should have these five elements ready and available before you begin writing your press release.

    Provide details about your project including the Who, What, When, Where and Why. If people can’t find you, they can’t support you.
    Bottom line: If there are holes in your press release it will be less likely to be picked up by news outlets.
    Provide the details that set your community service project apart. What would make people want to get involved? There are probably many events in your community, and you’ll be competing for people’s attention. Give them at least one compelling reason to be interested and support your project.
    Bottom line: If your press release lacks pizazz people are less likely to be interested in your project.
    Quotes give your release relevance, context, and credibility. It’s important to get quotes from people involved in the project. Speak to a participant that is passionate about the project and has a lively attitude.
    Bottom line: News outlets really appreciate quotes.
    Information about the participants involved in your community service project is important to set the tone. It’s important to provide basic information about your club at the beginning and a brief “About Me” at the end. The end section is called the boilerplate.
    Bottom line: Providing insight into your participants will provide much-needed color to your press release.
    At the end of your press release let everyone know exactly what you would like them to do. This is the call to action. Do you want the reader to get involved in the project, give a donation, or spread the word? Do you want news outlets to write a story about what you are doing?
    Bottom line: Ask for what you want. Be clear and concise to get the most from your press release.


Here is press release template created by Lauren Holloway, Creative Media Coordinator at Operation Warm. The template is based on an actual press release that was very successful in getting the word out about our new Operation Warm Volunteer Opportunity.

Community Service Project Press Release TemplateKey:

  1. Organization’s logo
  2. Contact information for questions
  3. Heading
  4. Subheading
  5. Opening paragraph or “Lead”
  6. Body text
  7. Quote
  8. Call to action
  9. Boilerplate

Follow our 5 steps and get more recognition for your community service project! If you have additional questions about how to write a press release, the Operation Warm marketing team would be happy to help.

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