5 Easy Ways to Give Back


Whether you donate money or time, giving back is beneficial. Besides the uplift in mood that comes with giving back, you are also positively affecting your body in other ways. Did you know that being kind can prevent diseases and mental illnesses.

The good news is that giving back to charity is much easier that it seems. Here are 5 easy ways to give back to others.

Volunteer Your Time

Although it can be hard to find time to volunteer, the benefits are enormous to you, your family and your community. When you volunteer, you have the opportunity to reduce stress, positively impact your community, learn new skills and meet new friends. Volunteering can boost your morale as well as your career.

Medical research has shown that those who volunteer tend to live longer. Animal shelters, libraries, soup kitchens and retirement homes are always looking for volunteers. Search through your favorite nonprofit’s website to find out if they’re hosting a volunteer event near you.

The best part about volunteering? It is a free way to support your favorite cause. 

Search for Charity Websites

There are tons of charity websites that allow you to give back while doing the things you normally do, such as shopping. One website that allows you to do this is Amazon Smile. When you shop at smile.amazon.com, the Amazon Smile Foundation donates 0.5% of the proceeds will go to a charity of your choosing. This means that you are able to donate money that you will already be spending on necessities and goods.

Other websites that allow for simple donations are The Hunger Site and FreeRice. If you like to exercise, there are apps such as Charity Miles that donate money to a cause you select for reach mile you run, walk or cycle.

Start a Chain Reaction

It’s been proven that generosity can start a ripple effect. When you are kind to someone, it inspires them to do good for others. Acts can be as simple as paying for someone else’s meal or allowing someone with less to go first at a grocery store. Kindness not only positively impacts the mood of others, but yours as well. Make a public commitment to give back and others will soon follow.

Generosity promotes cooperation and builds positive relationships. These exchanges, small or big, can create close ties between members of your community. Being generous is one easy way to give back by inspiring happiness, health, and friendship throughout your town.


Fundraisers are fun and easy ways to raise money for a nonprofit. Websites such as Crowdfunding allow you to fundraise right from your home office by sharing links on social media. If you are new to fundraising, look for a charity that offers fundraisers a lot of support, such as templates to start your own event.

Donate What You Can

Nonprofits are nonfunctional without donors. This means that most charities will accept any amount that you can donate. Grab a piggy bank or an old jar and fill it with as much change as you and your family can. When it’s all full, deposit the coins and send the amount to a cause. Be sure to search for charities that match your donations. When you donate to these organizations, your money is doubled by another donor.

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