34 Fun Fundraising Ideas


Looking for some enjoyable fundraising ideas? Donating money to a non-profit can do a lot for your community, but when you fundraise, you can really bring an entire community together for a cause.

The Joys of Fun Fundraising Ideas

An energetic and creative fundraiser can result in more money being raised. When hosting a yearly occasion, a new experience will have your supporters excited to attend your next big event. A fun event can also result in participation from more than your small circle of friends. Members of the community you haven’t made a connection with will want to participate because fundraising is a great way to build relationships with new people.

When you fundraise within your community, you can accomplish much more than when working alone. A single person can only volunteer or donate so much; but when you gather more donors and participants, you’re increasing the amount you can give to a cause.

How to Get Started

One of our dedicated supporters asked us to feature one fundraising idea for each dollar that will be used to supply a child with a brand new American-made coat. We loved this idea and wanted to offer our help to anyone interested in raising money for a cause he or she believes in.

Jump start your fundraising campaign with one or more of these fun fundraising ideas. This is a merely a short list to prove that fundraising can be enjoyable!


  1. Auctions- One easy and fun way to raise money is to auction off gifts. Prizes can be donated or purchased with the money raised.
  2. Show off your strength- Allow members of your community to show off their strength in a community strongman competition. Competitors can lift weights, do push ups, or even pull a firetruck!
  3. Sell flowers- Flowers begin to bloom in the spring time. Grow them yourself or purchase less expensive ones at a local produce store.
  4. Bake Sale- Everyone loves baked goods. Decorate cookies and cakes and ask permission to sell them outside a local shop!
  5. Gift Wrapping Service- Offer to wrap gifts for people in the neighborhood for a small fee. All the money raised can be donated to a charity!
  6. Sit-A-Thon- This one is for the parents! Willing babysitters can be auctioned off to parents who are looking to have an evening to themselves.
  7. Host a Barbecue- Talk with a local barbecue or casual food operation about sponsoring your event. Patrons can pay for endless food, drinks, and fun!
  8. Party with a Purpose- Instead of hosting a large Thanksgiving dinner this year, dedicate some of the money you would use to a charity of your choice. Also, instead of splurging on Black Friday deals, donate to a local nonprofit on Giving Tuesday.
  9. Host a Carnival- With the help of your community, raise money to host a carnival. Choose a local business to host the event in their lot and a portion of the money raised can be donated to a charity!
  10.  Obstacle Course- Obstacle courses are a fun way to get a workout in. Build obstacles around your community for participants to race through. Charge a small fee and explain that all money raised will go to a charity.
  11.  Dining for Dollars– Work with a local restaurant or eatery to have a portion of the proceeds donated to a good cause. Also, if employees are up for it, perhaps a portion of all tips made can be donated as well.
  12.  Dog Walk-A-Thon- Dog walks bring different members of the community together for a good cause. You can charge an admission fee or even host a puppy party prior to the walk to sell snacks, drinks and other goodies.
  13.  Yard Sale- If you or your child have clothes that don’t fit or toys they don’t want, sell them in a yard sale! Any money earned can be donated.
  14.  Challenges- Think of a silly or outrageous challenge that one or more participants are obligated to do if you raise enough money. Like this one that Local 101 Firefighters participated in.
  15.  Set It Up Challenge- Challenge friends and family to pledge to walk a certain number of steps a day (10,000 is a good number), in exchange for donations to the cause.
  16.  Car Wash- Car washes are great ways to raise money, especially in the summer heat.
  17.  Run for a Cause- Many places host charity races. Sign-up to run and raise money for a good cause!
  18.  50/50 Raffle- Grab some raffle tickets and sell them to members of your community! The winner receives half of the prize, while the rest can be donated to a charity of your choice.
  19.  BINGO- BINGO games are fun for those of all ages. Sell BINGO cards that can be used to win prizes donated by the community.
  20.  Haircuts- Team up with a local salon to distribute half of the proceeds to a good cause. Some charities like Wigs For Kids will also take hair donations.
  21.  Cook Off- Chiefs, professional or not, can donate food to be eaten and judged for prizes. Participants can pay as they go or buy an admission ticket.
  22.  Give it up Challenge- For 30 days, give up something you pay for. Perhaps this could be a magazine or food subscription. Donate the money you would have spent on this product to a local charity.
  23.  Create and Sell Recipe Books- Have homemade recipes you’re willing to share? Create a recipe book and sell it to people around your town.
  24.  Envelope Fundraiser- Write a number from 1-100 on 100 envelopes. Members of the community can pick a number and donate the amount they receive to your cause!
  25.  Block Party- Gather up members of the neighborhood and choose a street to host the event like these firefighters did. Set up carnival games and allow local food vendors and shops to sell their goods. Admission tickets and a percentage of sales can be used for donations.
  26.  Go Casual- In schools or offices with specific uniforms or dress codes, employees can donate money to a cause. In return, if a certain goal is reached, employees or students can dress down for a day or two.
  27.  Host a Talent Show- Community members of all ages can sign-up to show off their hidden talents. Singers, dancers, and even comedians can win a portion of the money raised through ticket sales.
  28.  Lemonade Stand- Craft some homemade lemonade and set up a table somewhere around town. This is a great way to spend time with your children and teach them .
  29.  Host a tournament- Kickball, dodgeball, and basketball are popular activities. Teams can pay to participate and win great prizes! Even sports like Spikeball can raise money for a good cause!
  30.  Teachers in Jail- Students can pay for free time during the school day by putting their teachers in “jail”. Children can earn one minute of play time for every dollar given!
  31.  Penny War- Place an empty jar in front of every classroom to be filled with pennies. The classroom that has the most pennies at the end of the year wins a prize and every cent goes to a local nonprofit.
  32.  Sell Bracelets- Let kids create custom bracelets to sell around town! Strings, beads, and other craft supplies can be used to make them. You could even purchase and sell less expensive personalized bracelets!
  33.  Ornament Auction- Give children a handful of supplies and allow them to create their own ornament. These can then be auctioned off to parents, teachers or other community members.
  34.  Ride for charity– Know a few motorcycle riders? Ask them to gather up some of their friends and start a charity ride. Merchandise and food sales can be donated.

We hope you enjoyed these fun and unique fundraising ideas. Do you have any more suggestions? If so, send us a message on either Facebook or Twitter.

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