20 Ways an Operation Warm Brand New Coat is More Than a Coat


Have you have ever seen the transformation that takes place after a brand new coat is given to a child in need? It is an amazing experience. At Operation Warm, we believe that a brand new coat is more than a coat. It provides lasting benefits in 20 different ways.

Warmth, Happiness and Friendship

Physical Warmth

From the sleeve closures and the hood to the fleece and the zipper cover, Operation Warm gifts high quality, well-designed coats that offer protection from cold weather.

Emotional Warmth

Brand new coats give kids a great feeling of emotional warmth because someone they have never met, cares enough to give them a gift.


Brand new coats are the source of many smiles. Kids light up when they receive their coats.


Teachers tell us that kids bond over the coats and often help each other choose the styles and colors. Watch the Operation Warm New York Community Schools Interview.


Children get joy from the feeling of wearing something brand new.

operation warm is more than a coatConfidence, Self-Esteem and a Positive Future

Peer Acceptance

A great looking, well-fitting coat has no stigma, so kids aren’t identified by others as being in need.

Power to Choose

Operation Warm coat-giving events give kids the power of choice. They enjoy their own shopping experience in picking out their brand new coats.

Pride in Ownership

A new, high quality coat with their name written inside sparks pride in a child.


That pride-in-ownership leads to improved self-image and self-esteem.


A gift of warmth offers the chance to be positive and to think about paying the gift forward. Many children ask about how they can give coats to family members or even homeless people they know. 

Hope and Wonder


When they receive their brand new coats, children get the message that someone besides their family cares about them.

Feeling of Being Protected

A sense of security from a warm, snug coat can give a child the comfort of feeling protected.

Sense of Wonder

Knowing that someone outside of their circle of trust is giving them a brand new coat can change their view of the world.


The children Operation Warm serves are full of joy and surprise that the coat they have tried on is theirs to keep, forever.


Kids can’t believe that their donors are gifting the brand new coats and asking for nothing in return.

Education and Wellness


 A brand new coat provides the opportunity to get to school and gain an education regardless of the weather.


Many children qualify for a nutritious free breakfast and lunch at school. Brand new coats provide a way for them to get to those meals.


Healthy outdoor play even on the coldest day is made possible with a warm brand new coat.

Individual Services

A brand new coat provides access to services like healthcare and counseling that kids may only get at school.


 A brand new coat is a token of another person’s wish for their health, education and happiness.


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