15 Easy Fundraising Ideas for Your Community


Fundraising as a community can seem like a daunting task, but when people work together the results are powerful. Here are fifteen ideas that will strengthen your community and raise funds for your cause!

  1. Community Auction – Organize an auction to take place at your local community center and ask local businesses (or any willing community members) if they are able to donate “gifts” to be auctioned off for donations toward your project or cause. You can then auction off these gifts at the event for certain amounts, and request that all of the payments from the winners are made directly to your fundraiser. Be sure to ask your city council if they will promote the auction on their homepage to raise additional support.
  2. Online Campaign – Create your online campaign to start raising funds for your community project. Be sure to tell a compelling story detailing why you are raising funds, what they will be applied toward, and how this project is going to directly benefit your community. Once complete, you can now easily share your online fundraiser to Facebook, Twitter, and via email to quickly spread the word and promote your campaign. Our community partners have access to tons of fundraising resources in our online Partner Portal.
  3. Event – Host an event and raise funds while putting your community’s many talents on display! There are tons of options based on your community’s interests. Here are just a few ideas: battle of the bands, dance marathon, fashion show, haunted house, movie night, talent show.
  4. Fitness Challenge – This is a great way to promote health and wellness in your community. Create a sign-up, set an entrance fee, and determine the duration of the challenge. Hold an official weigh-in event. Whichever participant loses the greatest percentage of weight gets a trophy or plaque (and bragging rights!)
  5. Calendar – Calendars are one of the easiest annual fundraising ideas to implement, even with a small budget. They can be enjoyed every day of the year and will help to keep the mission visible to your community all year long. 72% of people who receive promotional calendars remember the message or mission.
  6. Chores for Charity – Start by gathering volunteer interests with a sign-up form, or decide on the types of services and scope of work your volunteers are willing to perform. Next, you should assign a minimum donation value to each task.
  7. Fantasy Football – Start a community fantasy football league or March Madness bracket challenge. Bets can be placed throughout the season, each one contributing to the cause and creating a bit of friendly competition in the community. You can even host game-viewing events for the community to bond.
  8. Game Night – A family-friendly fundraising event that people of all ages will enjoy! Create a form where volunteers can loan or donate board games, cards, lawn games, trivia questions, etc. for the event. Determine admission or ticketing registration and make a competition entry form. Be sure to have volunteer scorekeepers!
  9. Community Yard Sale – Consider gathering with your community to collect, sort, and price unwanted items in search of a new owner. Half of each sale going to your cause is a great way to clean up your home, donate to a great cause and make a little cash! Check items over for stains, broken/missing pieces and personal items that may have accidentally been left behind (money, receipts, etc.) On the day of the sale, have volunteer salespeople ready to display items on racks and tables.
  10.  Neighborhood Car Wash – Good clean fun for the whole family will drive donations for your organization. This is a great summer fundraiser that people of all ages can participate in.
  11.  Penny Drive – Put coin collection jars around town. Ask about setting them up in locations like town hall, library, restaurants, and other businesses (with permission, of course). You’ll be amazed at how quickly the change adds up.
  12.  Contests – Ideas for these events can include guessing the number of items in a glass jar, promotional drawings, and cook-offs. Charge a minimal entry fee to get lots of entries, such as $1 per entry. While this may seem a small amount, it can build up quickly with people entering more than once to win.
  13.  Community Cookbook – Reach out to your community members to submit their favorite recipes to compile for a cookbook. Sell the book to friends, family, supporters, etc. Consider holding an event with a low entry fee where contributors cook/bake recipes they submitted to celebrate the book release.
  14.  Local Restaurant Partnership – When you collaborate with a local restaurant, you can raise a portion of the night’s proceeds for your cause. Many restaurants offer programs to help support schools, sports teams, and other organizations. All you have to do is get in touch with the manager of the restaurant in your area. Once you’ve settled all the details of the event, invite your friends, family, and community members to come and show their support. The more people that attend, the more money you can raise for your cause.
  15.  Classes – Are you an expert at HTML code? Have a green thumb? Or know basic photography or guitar skills? Put your expertise to use, and set up a class to raise money for your cause. Charge admission to attend and place a donation jar in a visible location so that participants can give more. Don’t forget to spread the word about your class on social media and via email.


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