10 Things That Happen When You Give Locally


Why don’t we hear much about the Give Local movement?

One theory is that the media tends to focus on sensational events that happen across the globe. The United States responds to global tragedy with speed, quality and compassion to these events, as we should. Because of scale, local need may not always be given the same amount of publicity, so the needs in our own backyard may go unmet, while we support other global causes.

When you decide to give locally, you decide to support the causes that are close to home. When a donor supports his or her local nonprofits, he or she enjoys benefits that can’t be found through global charities. Here are 10 advantages of giving locally.

You See the Good in Your Action

Keeping things close to home is the easiest way to see how your contributions affect others. The work being done impacts the place where you live, allowing you to see and speak with people who are impacted.

You Know How Your Money is Being Used

Donating to a distant charity will leave you guessing as to if your money is truly being used. When you give locally, you receive the confidence of knowing where and how the money is being spent.

More of Your Dollars May Go Directly To the Cause

Local organizations may have lower overhead, so more of your dollars go directly to the need. Homegrown charities have less employees because the need is smaller. When you donate to a smaller nonprofit, more money is spent on the actual cause.

When You Give Local, You Employ Local People

Nonprofits need employees just as much as they need generous donors. Without staff members, nonprofits would collapse. 4.3 million citizens in the US are currently unemployed. By funding local nonprofits, you are allowing them to continue their business, in turn, allowing their employees to continue working.

You Know Exactly Who You’re Working With

When you team up with a local charity, you are able to speak with the organization directly. With charities located nearby, donors can attend fundraisers and other events that build relationships with team members.

When You Give Local You Help Your Community

Give where your passions lay. Many of us are drawn to causes that are close to our homes and hearts. Chances are there is a cause right in your community that resonates with you. Giving to these local nonprofits supports their business, aids those in need, and increases the overall wellness of your community.

Giving Locally Makes a Big Difference to a Charity

Where do you give when you don’t have much to give? A local nonprofit. Giving locally means you get to concentrate your limited resources into your own community, state or country. When you donate larger amounts to nearby charities, the donations can make a big difference. More donations means more people aided in your community.

The Experience is Simple and Easy

Sometimes when you donate to a distant cause, the process can be long and difficult. When you choose to donate locally, procedures go much smoother. Also, working with a nonprofit nearby ensures that the customer service is the best. Email and call responses will be much quicker when the business is nearby.

Giving Locally Creates New Positive Relationships

Working with charities within your community builds new connections that you may have never had before. Volunteering is a great way to meet new people and leave with new friends. Local donations are simple ways to show those who are less fortunate that they are still valuable members of your community.

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