10 Benefits of Donating Monthly


Have you ever felt emotionally moved by someone’s story and wanted to make a lasting difference? Donating monthly (becoming a monthly recurring donor) offers many benefits to both you and the charity you wish to support. This makes donating monthly a clear choice for donors who are passionate about making a large impact.

When you take advantage of a monthly giving program, you are seen as a real advocate for the cause you support. And, as you will see, this next-level giving is actually easier and more convenient than giving a one-time donation.

Here are the 10 benefits of donating monthly.

Benefits of Donating Monthly for the Charity

1. There is a predictable income for the charity that is spread out throughout the year.

2. There is more opportunity for the charity to plan ahead for programs and support.

3. There are lower administration costs for the charity, so more dollars can be spent on the need.

Benefits of Donating Monthly for the Donor

4. It is a quick and easy way to make the biggest impact. Set up your monthly donation once and enjoy automatically making a difference every single month.

5. You can spread your impact you are making throughout the whole year.

6. Monthly donating is more manageable financially, compared to donating the same amount all at once.

7. You’ll receive more updates and stories about the good you are doing and fewer messages asking for a donation.

8. Reduce paper waste with automatic monthly donations.

9. Develop a strong relationship with the charity and its mission. Monthly donors are considered leaders and advocates for the cause.

10. Many charities offer special treatment to honor their monthly donors, such as small gifts, free invitations to events or a vote in decision-making.

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