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A New Coat to a Child in Need Acts as #MoreThanACoat

Over the past several years, Air1 listeners like you have helped children in need across the country receive a gift of happiness and warmth through a brand new winter coat. You may ask, “why new coats instead of gently used clothing?”

We applaud groups that organize clothing drives across the country. With over 15 million children across the U.S. living at or below the poverty line, every little bit we give helps families who struggle to make ends meet.

But Operation Warm is different. Since 1998, we’ve seen the impact the gift a brand new winter coat can make on a child in need.

We believe a new winter coat can be #morethanacoat. It goes beyond warmth to help increase self-esteem, school attendance and outdoor play. We believe it can tell a child who can’t fend for themselves, “You’re worth it.”

You can join our supporters and other Air1 listeners in giving a gift to children in need across the United States with your support to Operation Warm.


Share Happiness and Warmth

A small donation today can help keep a child warm & healthy all winter long.


Operation Warm Gives 1,200 New Coats to Kids in Delaware School

Get a behind-the-scenes look at a how our supporters helped a low-income school in Wilmington

Giving a New Coat Helps Improve:


Giving a child something brand new creates a sense of pride in ownership that fosters self-confidence in children who may feel insecure.


The #1 way to break the cycle of poverty is through education. New coats help children attend school more often on cold and rainy days.


It's hard to play outside, make snow angels, or build snowmen without a warm coat. All children should have a chance to keep active year-round.

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