The Need and Our Impact

16 Million Children Live in Need Across North America

It’s hard to imagine that on the richest continent on earth, 16 million children live in poverty. For families struggling to make ends meet, necessities like food, housing, healthcare and utilities take priority. Often there is simply not enough left over for warm winter clothing.

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Avg US family of 4 in poverty earns less than $26,000/yr

Operation Warm’s Mission Pillars

Providing WARMTH, CONFIDENCE and HOPE through the gift of brand new coats

Physical Warmth

From the cozy fleece lining to the detachable hood and deep pockets, Operation Warm coats are designed for quality, comfort and warmth.



Emotional Warmth

Operation Warm coats are created in the latest styles and colors. When a child chooses a coat they love, given by someone in their community who cares about them, it boosts their self-confidence.


Brand new coats spark self-confidence in a way that second-hand clothing cannot. Operation Warm coats help students attend school regularly, socialize with their peers and play outside with pride.


Families in poverty struggle to provide basic needs like food, housing, healthcare and utilities. Our brand new coats remind families that their community cares about their well-being and their future.

Operation Warm Outcome Pillars

Impacting Education

A brand new coat provides the opportunity to get to school and gain an education regardless of the weather conditions.

Impacting the Cycle of Poverty

40% of American households lack a basic level of savings. The ‘liquid asset poor’ households don’t have enough savings to make ends meet at the poverty level for three months if their income was interrupted.” 6

Impacting the Cycle of Poverty

School districts across North America are expressing an urgent need to increase support for both academic and non-academic services for newcomers.


Operation Warm brings communities together through positive and joyful Coat Giving Celebrations.

Health & Wellness

“Children who live in households that are food insecure… are likely to be sick more often, recover from illness more slowly, and be hospitalized more frequently. Lack of adequate healthy food can impair a child’s ability to concentrate and perform well in school and is linked to higher levels of behavioral and emotional problems.”7


Volunteering at an Operation Warm Coat Giving Celebration is a one-of-a-kind, heartwarming experience. Volunteers meet with children to help them pick out brand new coats that not only fit, but come in the latest styles and colors.

Historical Impact

20 Years of Service

3 Million Coats Gifted

95% Program Efficiency

2018-19 Impact

405,000 Coats Gifted

1,300+ Communities Served

1,000+ Partners

National Reach, Local Impact

Operation Warm and Our Partners Served 1,300+ Communities Last Year

Over 1,200 communities across North America were served in 2017 - 18 by Operation Warm partners

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Download the 2019 Operation Warm Impact Report in PDF Format


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