Our Coats

Brand New Winter Coats

Why do we offer kids in need brand new coats? Operation Warm believes that every child, regardless of circumstance, deserves their own brand new coat. While other organizations collect used coats, Operation Warm works with manufacturers to create our own line of carefully crafted winter coats.

By making our own coats, we control the quality and ensure these brand new winter coats become a daily source of pride and joy for children, who rarely feel the emotion associated with receiving a gift that was made just for them.

Introducing the Green Guardian™

Serving children while supporting the campaign to end plastic pollution, the Green Guardian™ is our newest coat made from 32 recycled plastic bottles.

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Made Just for Kids

By creating our own coats, we control the quality and ensure our brand new winter coats become a daily pride and joy for children in need. Many of the children we serve rarely feel the emotion associated with receiving something brand new that no one ever owned before. Inside each coat is a permanent label that says, “Made Just for You!”

Maximum Warmth and Durability

Our coats are designed for maximum warmth and durability, with details and styling that are “kid friendly.” They have deep pockets, warm hoods and a soft fleece lining. We update our colors and styles each year to keep up with changing trends and to ensure our brand new coats are fashionable.

Not a Uniform

Operation Warm knows that every child is unique. That’s why we create coats in 18 different style and color combinations for each gender.  A child isn’t simply given an Operation Warm coat, they get to PICK the coat and color they like best, just like they are shopping!

Give a Gift of Warmth

YOU can make a difference in the life of a child. A donation to Operation Warm allows us to help children in need across North America.