Milwaukee Professional Fire Fighters 2018

On Friday, November 16th, Milwaukee Professional Fire Fighters visited Hawthorne Elementary School in Milwaukee to personally fit children with brand new Operation Warm coats.

This event was part of the ‘Warm Up Winter’ campaign, an initiative to keep children living in need in Milwaukee warm for the winter. The Milwaukee Fire Fighters work with Milwaukee Public Schools to determine the areas of greatest need, identify specific schools that do not currently receive donations from similar initiatives and work with them to provide warm coats for the winter season. Since its debut, the Warm Up Winter campaign has successfully provided thousands of new coats to more than 60 elementary schools in Milwaukee.

“It is about—staying warm. I’ve seen what Warm Up Winter does, giving a child a new coat and seeing the smile that you put on their face, and seeing the impact. They feel good about themselves, they feel a part of the community, just like any other kid, who might come from a better home or a better neighborhood. They have their new coat, so when they are walking in the school or walking out of school—wherever they are, they feel good about themselves.”
-Fire Fighter, Kevin Monaghan