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Community Subsidized Coat Programs

We work with a wide range of individuals, businesses, civic organizations, foundations and other philanthropic organizations, always with the aim of helping the children with the greatest need.

There are a number of ways we can work with you.

  • "All children are special and just need to be reminded."  Saly Glassman, Merrill LynchWe can work with your corporation, serving local organizations in the communities where you have major facilities.
  • We can help you fulfill your charitable purpose, by providing you subsidized coats to expand your own coat programs; our service initiatives go beyond warmth and will enable your civic organization to increase the impact on the children you serve.
  • We can assist you in setting up a coat program, and, if necessary, find organizations in your communities that need assistance.
  • We can direct your donations to a nonprofit organization that you would like to support, and we will collaborate with them to provide innovative programs and subsidized coats.
  • We can use your donations to help us support the wide range of groups we support around the country.
  • We can accept your individual contributions; please help us put a new coat on a needy child.

These are just some of the ways that we work together. If you have an interest in supporting children who need our help, we would like to explore how we can work with you.  CONTACT US