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About Us

Through our coat program, Operation Warm is dedicated to helping families in need. We believe that every child deserves to feel warm, healthy and valued. The important gift of a new winter coat provides children with the freedom and confidence to play more, learn more, and do more.

Operation Warm gives new winter coats to children in need.Thanks to the creativity and generosity of our many supporters Operation Warm has expanded its reach throughout the country, raising more money for new winter coats than ever before!  By the end of 2015, 2 million children in nearly every state across the USA will have received the happiness and warmth of a new Operation Warm winter coat.

We know what a difference a new coat makes in a child’s life. While we applaud organizations which supply “gently worn” garments, Operation Warm sees firsthand that having a brand new, high quality coat enhances a child’s well-being, builds self-esteem, and generates a feeling of worth for children living in poverty.

Since our founding in 1998 by entrepreneur and philanthropist Dick Sanford, we have partnered with a wide range of foundations, community organizations, corporations and many admirable individuals to ensure our coats find the best homes. Working directly with manufacturers affords Operation Warm the opportunity to produce the highest quality coats at the best possible cost, so that we can offer the most aid to the most people. 


  • Operation Warm is committed to excellence by providing quality new coats to children in need, thus inspiring hope in a dignified way.
  • Through teamwork and collaboration, Operation Warm is committed to leveraging our partnerships to increase impact and foster positive social change.
  • Operation Warm is committed to leadership through service and stewardship, by demonstrating an innovative approach and passionate spirit.

In these tough economic times words cannot express the impact that Operation Warm had on the families of our programs. Seeing the appreciation on the faces of parents and children shows the need for these services. We are glad to have been a part of this wonderful experience and hope that with Operation Warm we are able to keep our families warm for years to come.

~ Marcelo Juica
Latino After-School Initiative's
Executive Director