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Give the Gift of Warmth with EZ Gift Pledges


Warm Children are Happy ChildrenWarming the hearts, minds and bodies of children, Operation Warm inspires hope and empowers communities by providing NEW winter coats to children in need throughout the U.S. Since we began in 1998, Operation Warm has provided the gift of warmth to more than ONE MILLION CHILDREN.  Explore our website to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.

On cold winter days, there are few needs more basic and necessary than a warm winter coat. The gift of a new coat provides more than physical warmth; it warms the heart of a child and lifts their spirits; it shows them they are valuable and that they matter. A new coat helps children make their journey to school on the coldest of days, even when snow is falling at their feet.

You + $40 EZGift = New Warm Coat for a ChildWe are so grateful that this year Air1 Radio has named Operation Warm its featured cause during its fall pledge drive. By supporting Air1 through a $40 monthly EZGift (a donation that is automatically deducted from your bank account or credit card), Operation Warm will give a new winter coat to a child in need. This gift to Air1 supports a ministry that impacts millions of lives, while also providing a new winter coat to a child in need through Operation Warm.

You may also directly support Operation Warm's mission through a one-time donation or recurring monthly gift to Operation Warm, helping give even more children the gift of warmth.  Remember, donating on our site does not support Air1, but it will provide new coats to even more children.