11 Year Old Marathoner Running for Operation Warm in Africa


Next Stop for 11 Year Old Marathoner Running to Benefit Children is
Zimbabwe’s Spectacular Victoria Falls

Pocopson, PA – At only nine years old, the now-eleven-year-old Nikolas Toocheck set his sights on running 7 marathons, one on every continent.  And he’s running for good; to raise money and awareness for impoverished children in the U.S.A.  Trekking now to Africa for his 5th of 7 marathons, Nikolas is as enthusiastic as ever for his next adventure.  It is all part of his campaign called, “Running the World for Children.”

Over a year ago, Nikolas launched his surreal odyssey to help kids in need by completing his first marathon in North America.  To date he has completed marathons in North and South America, Antarctica, and Australia.  The Victoria Falls Marathon on June 29th will leave him with only two to go. (www.vicfallsmarathon.com)

“I thought running with penguins in Antarctica and with the kangaroos in Australia was really cool, and now I’m running with elephants in Africa! It’s so awesome,” said Nikolas of his upcoming trip.  “I’ve seen pictures of Victoria Falls and I’m so excited to run across the bridge!” To date, Nikolas’s campaign to run the world for children has raised close to $40,000 – enough money for 2,000 brand new winter coats.  “I’m really hoping my trek to Africa will inspire support for my campaign. I want people to give money to help provide new winter coats to kids, to help change their lives for the better, and none of the donations go to any of my trips.”  Each dollar donated in support of Nikolas goes directly to provide a new winter coat to an impoverished child in the United States.  Travel expenses are being covered 100% by Nikolas’s family. Nikolas’s overall goal is to raise $1 million dollars (a dollar for each step in a 7 marathon goal). However, the immediate goal for Africa is to reach a campaign total of $100,000 by June 29 (race date).

“Doing something I love to help others is so much fun,” says Nikolas. “I learned that you don’t have to be big to make a difference in the world!” To learn more about Nikolas Toocheck and Running the World for Children or to make a donation, please visit: www.nikrunstheworld.com.

Operation Warm, Inc. was founded by Nikolas’s grandfather Richard Sanford, and is one of the nation’s largest nonprofit providers of basic needs to impoverished children.  Providing brand new winter coats manufactured in both the United States and offshore, Operation Warm works with community-based organizations to supply coats and other critical items and services to at-risk children and their families, ensuring that children are armed with warmth and self-esteem to survive and thrive during winter. To date, Operation Warm has served over 1.4 million children across 43 states. For more information visit: www.operationwarm.org.

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